Dennis Schäfer – Talentwerk

Ronny Showman


„Wake up and follow your heart
Trust yourself, Endure & Overcome

 Anything possible!

Show up and transform 
Blast off and inspire the crowd
Live life to the fullest!“



keep informed. See my schedule below.

schedule - shows & events:

@CIRCUS KNIE 2022 - e fMX Show

A great privilege and opportunity to celebrate with the crowds with Switzerlands state circus CIRCUS KNIE. One of my childhood dreams come true, being an artist in Circus. Living a Circus Life, traveling from Town to Town in a Caravan. Riding almost everyday.

Smiling Faces, Standing Ovations.
Feeling the vibes in the tent. – Just amazing!

                                            „Live life to the fullest!“

@ formel1, le chastellet (f) - e FMX Show 2022

Traveling 1100km  reaching the Paul Ricard circuit in the beatiful provence of France. A hot and sunny weekend at Formula 1 GP. A blast riding electric FMX Shows in front of a amazing crowd .
A blast of nine eFMX Shows with Team BLACKLINER FREESTYLE SHOW.
Always Dreamed about having a ride at an F1 Race. Hanging out with the fastest guys on earth and follow their trainings ,qualifyings and  F1 racings .
 Celebrating with the crowds, giving autogrammes and have a laugh  and Foto’s with the fans.

Amazing fans pumping a lot of energy. 
               Awesome Crowd.

@ sw-motech - OPEN DAYS 2022

SM Motech in Rauschenbach celebrated „open days“ with 30.000 bikers. Very gratefull for the opportunity to ride 7 fmx shows together with my friends on a sunny weekend. It was amazing to ride in this event and celebrate with  the crowd and SW MOTECH. Thanks








about me and my labels...

I connected to riding and doing stunts early as a kid. Growing up I always felt that’s my destiny and what I really wanted to do…

I am really pleased to have the opportunity to ride in TEAM TALENTWERK
Thank you for the daily practice and extra push.


I didn’t know how to make a living riding. Nearly everyone I spoke to about my dream told me that I will never make it happen. I became very despondent hearing the same thing over and over again and a few years later I became seriously ill with a severe autoimmune disease (M. Chron). During one of my darkest hours I made the decision  to fulfill my dreams and do what ever it took to ride. I connected to my dream hoping to inspire the crowd with my riding. I started to build up a really strong believe in what I was doing. I was living my dream – even if no-one else believed that I would make it happen. – this is what I call... Sick Faith.

Always chase your dreams.
Wake Up and follow your heart.
Endure and Overcome.  
Have faith and all is possible.
If I can do it, you can do it too!  – Always live your life to the fullest!


About electric Moto X…

In 2005 I started to build and jump my own wooden ramps at my grandpa’s backyard. This was in the center of a village called Mörfelden-Walldorf in Germany close to Frankfurt, so making a lot of noise with a 2- or 4-stroke combustion engine bike was not an option. To enable me to practice daily and keep my routine, I needed a bike that did not make a noise. This is where the electric age just began for me!
A Blade05 from electricmoto was my first ride on an electric bike in 2005. Packed with 48V lead -acid batteries, a brushed motor in a light chassis completed with bicycle components. The bike was very good for trail riding but I broke it a few times as I started to jump on my first self-made wooden fmx ramps. A more powerful electric Moto was what I needed but there was nothing on the market. In 2010 I had to build my own FMX Bike (see how I built at Morftown Customs).
For 9 years I rode on my self-made custom bike, having added modern components like LiOn batteries, a brushless motor into 2011. 
To allow me to concentrate on shows I switched to an Alta Motors MXR electric bike in 2020.
I don’t miss the sound and smell of a petrol bike and I can ride my bike at anytime in my 
back-garden without disturbing nobody.


Natural High stands for the inner push for something – Find your destiny and connect to your spirit!  –  no matter what it may be  
Make sure you live to the fullest with dedication and effort. 
Do what ever it takes with a positive mental attitude, trust life and blast off.
Life is for you not against you!
Empower your passion.
This is what I call and label NH – Natural High.

Mörtown Customs

Mörtown Customs is my fantasy factory where all my ideas and creations come to live.
When I am not on my bike riding I am a passionate metal-worker, welder, airbrusher and pinstripper.
A workshop with everything to build and customize bikes.

Follow this link to watch me building my own electric bike Link Website (